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Protecting the Environment - The Loser is Green


Full utilization of environmentally friendly hydroelectric power also fully protects our climate. The Loser Bergbahnen lift company has joined the trend and has also chosen to use electricity from 100% renewable energy sources from the Energie AG. Hydroelectric power has the advantage of producing emission-free electrical energy, which is why hydroelectric power makes an important contribution to protecting the environment and to achieving Austria's climate protection goals. This clean energy ensures a thriving economy and enables us to have the good quality of life we all appreciate.

Photovoltaics on the Loser - we have the largest solar power plant in the Alps!

The Energie AG has devoted itself to researching new, renewable sources of energy for decades. The Loser solar power plant at 1,600 meters' elevation produces an average of 30,000 kilowatt hours of clean, green electricity every year. This electric current is fed directly into the grid. Thus, a part of the power operating the Loser ski lifts is supplied by electricity from the sun.


Solar power plant, photovoltaic array

Construction period:

1988 - 1989

Average output:

30.000 kWh/y


1,600 meters above sea level, on the southern slope of the Loser / Altaussee

Technical equipment:

Photovoltaic array with 598 solar modules and a solar cell area of 263 square meters

Peak power output:

30 KW 


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