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The Loser. My adventure mountain.

The impressive Loser scenic road (9km) makes the natural treasure in the borderland between Upper Austria and Styria accessible to the hiking and nature lover.

Already discovered, hiked and loved by Sisi, Empress Elisabeth of Austria-Hungary, the Loser is today the center of alpine sports and hiking center in the Salzkammergut.
The impressive Loser scenic road (9km) makes the natural treasure in the borderland between Upper Austria and Styria accessible to the hiking and nature lover.
From the Loser plateau numerous trails and routes of all difficulties lead to the most significant peaks and most beautiful lookout spots in the Salzkammergut.

No matter if recreation seekers, nature lovers or mountaineers, on the Loser everybody finds their perfect tour. Let your spirits flow at the Augstsee, right above the Loser Alm and explore nature.
Insights and outlooks can be expected at the Loserfenster hiking trail, during the visit of the Schafkirche cave and during the view through the Loserfenster, a window to the soul of the landscape.

No matter if alone, in good company or with a guided tour, the Loser, Sisi's favorite mountain, offers strollers, hikers and mountaineers likewise an imperial spectacle.

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Loserfenster and Loser Summit

One of the most popular natural phenomenons is the famous Loserfenster-an extraordinary rock formation.
Starting off at the parking area of the Loser Alm, you walk along the shore of the Augstsee, way nr. 256. Via steps chiseled into the rock, you can reach this place of interest, right next tot he chairlift station.

The large perforated rock constitutes the picturesque frame for views to the Schönberg and the surrounding landscape around Gschwandalm and Schoßboden. Continuing further on the trail, you reach Hochanger, a neighboring peak, which allows first panoramic views. Further along on the west ridge, wandering through a dwarf pine forest, you make it to Loserboden.

The last ascent leads to the Loser summit at 1.838 m elevation. The summit is a small plateau with almost limitless panoramic view to the surrounding peaks of the so-called "Dead Mountains" (Totes Gebirge) and also to those of the Salzkammergut, like Grimming, Dachstein, Niederen and part of the Hohen Tauern.

DifficultyIntermediate. Partly high-alpine territory, which requires a sure foot and appropriate shoes.
Walking timeabout 1.5 h
Difference in altitude238 m
Excelptional POIAugstsee (mountain lake), Loserfenster (rock formation).
RefreshmentBergrestaurant Loser Alm
ErreichbarkeitLoser Panoramastraße (9 km)
AccessibilityLoser Scenic Mountain Road (9km).

Augustsee-Circular Trail

A little gem with wonderful views

Forget about your worries and relax while walking around the precious mountain lake Augstsee, a circular trail, right above the Loser Alm. People interested in nature will gain insight into the mountain's geology and the "lakescape" of the Salzkammergut.

Hikers may find alluring panoramic views to the Hohen Tauern, the Dachstein, the so-called "Dead Mountains" and the Salzkammergut.

Walking timeabout 45 min (circular trail). Starting point only a few minutes walking distance from the Loser Alm.
Exceptional POIAugstsee (mountain lake), panoramic view.
ErreichbarkeitLoser Panoramastraße (9 km)
Point of departureParking area Loser Alm a 1.600 m elevation (end of scenic road)

Bräuning Zinken (1899m)

Departing from the parking area at the Loser Alm, you walk towards the Augstsee, passing by, to the Bräuning Alm. The trail follows a gentle climb to the Gschwander Sattel until you notice the summit pyramid, overgrown with dwarf pines, right before you and you can reach the summit from there easily. An amazing panoramic view is your reward for the ascent.

DifficultyIntermediate. It requires a sure foot and appropriate shoes.
Walking timeabout 1 h
Difference in altitude299 m
Exceptional POIAugustsee (mountain lake), Bräuning Alm (alpine pasture), panoramic view to the peaks of the so-called "Dead mountains"
RefreshmentBergrestaurant Loser-Alm
AccessibilityLoser Scenic Mountain Road (9km).
Point of departureParking area Loser Alm at 1.600 m elevation (end of the scenic road).

(Texte entnommen aus: Wandern im Salzkammergut, Senft H. & W., 1998, verändert)

Hiking & mountain guides

No matter if you prefer hiking, nordic walking, snowshoeing or ski touring: our professional hiking guides make your tour around or to the peak of the Loser in Altaussee to an experience, you will never forget!

Gasperl Alfred
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Remschak Christian
Guided hiking and snowshoe-guide
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Tel.: +43 664/6392445
E-Mail: bergwanderfuehrer@gmail.com


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Loser Outdoor GmbH
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