„On the trails of Ikarus“

Already at the starting points at the Loser Plateau you have a magnifcient and unique lake and mountain panorama. Above all through its great potential of long flights the Loser mountain is a very popular area for hang- and paragliders.

You can get up the scenic road via individual transport, with friends or by taking the shuttle - the Loser Flieger- and Wanderexpress.

Once at the top, refreshed in the Loser Alm or in the Loserhütte, you can start off to unique flights in the most beautiful landscape, the Ausseerland. A landscape, which has already inspired countless poets and artists to artistic highlights.

Try the Loser Hiking- & Gliding-taxi: it comfortably brings you up to the starting point (only in summer)!
Tel.: +43 676/87 81 32 06.

Launch pads for paragliders

Launch pad 1

Hochanger-Sender (1837m):
Marked trail (Nr. 256), 30 min. walk.
Set up your glider: on grazing ground
Winddirection for start: SO to S
Don't start in northern direction!

Launch pad 2

Graskogel (1770m):
15 min. walk from Loser Alm (direction Augstsee, turn left after 100m).
Set up your glider: on rocky alpine ground
Winddirection for start: SO bis SW

Launch pad 3

Augstsee (1680m) Eastern launch pad:
Augstsee-trail directing Bräuning Alm. Watch out for starrting gliders at the Loser Alm restaurant!
Set up your glider: on grazin ground
Winddirection for start: SO bis SW

Launch pads for hang-gliders

Launch pad 1

Solar power plant (1565m) :
Turn 13 (Solar power plant).
While parking your car, watch out for skiers and traffic.
Set up your glider: roadside on grazing ground
Winddirection for start: S

Launch pad 2

Loser Alm (1600m) :
Loser Bergrestaurant „Loser Alm“.
Set up your glider: on parking area, space-saving
Winddirection for start: S

Landing – Landing field – Folding place

Use the tagged meadow close to the shack with the windsock on top for landing. Folding of the glider exclusively next to the parking area in the upper part of the meadow.

Hang- & Paragliding Club Altaussee

Telefon: +43 3622/71597
Hänge- und Paragleiterclub Ausseerland

Infoblatt Para- & Hängegleiter Loser Tandemflüge und Kurse

Flight school Salzkammergut

Handy: +43 664/1116099

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